Project Identification

Student: Nora Almeida
Internship: Project CHART
Course Title: LIS 698 Seminar & Practicum, Summer II 2011
Supervisor: Jefferson Bailey, BPL Project CHART Coordinator
Site Location: Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn NY 11238

Digital Intersections, Future Considerations for Curating the Past
This project, based on my experience as a Project CHART intern at the Brooklyn Public Library, considers the dual meaning of ‘preservation’ in a digital curation context.  When it comes to curating a digital cultural heritage collection, preservation is both the act of preserving artifacts, images, and knowledge from the past and also, the act of creating well-described, stable digital objects that can be preserved in the future.  While it is common to think of digital preservation as an act of rendering a physical object permanent through digital capture, preservation also involves the front-end consideration of a digital object’s lifespan and how to ensure that such objects can outlive the technological context in which they were first created.  In my project (and through the course of my internship) I have explored how both our culture and digital objects might outlast their original environments.

Practicum Presentation